i very frequently find myself wondering if my actions are done more for the feminist statement or out of laziness.
i guess the best part is that in deciding to stop shaving for months on end, cutting all my hair off, etc., it also makes my life so much easier and im hella down with that. 


Kathleen Hanna


Kathleen Hanna

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you know, internet activism and awareness and whatnot involving the slew of fuckery going on right now (see: israel/palestine, ferguson, etc.) is not a bad thing and cool in its own way in terms of disseminating (hopefully) accurate facts about a given situation which mass media is misrepresenting. BUT, if you’re not willing to actually get the fuck off the internet and DO something about it - something that may land you overnight in jail, in harms way, out of public favor, etc., - and not just a “loss of followers” then please, shut the fuck up and calm down on that “reblog”. 

man is the dumbest animal

living out of a car and from my pack while never really knowing where we would sleep or end up for the night even for just two months has made returning to florida really weird and pretty unsatisfying. there’s so much more to explore.. 

we’d probably die tonight if we didn’t have to fuckin’ survive

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fuck these hippies

i want a goddamn beer and debauchery 

i just had a dream about cigarettes. i could smell Reds burn and it was beautiful. 

day 13. 

someone fuckin kill me.
(cigs are $9+ here.)


Well maybe I should of set my goals much

further than the likes of northern stars which

do burn for just one night

Maybe I should have mentioned that I was not

built for this kind of loving


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